Honeymooners need Honeymoon Luggage Bunting

We’ve been back from our Honeymoon almost a month.  It’s a bizarre feeling going from the intensity and adrenaline of the wedding (exhausting), to having two weeks in paradise where we had nothing to do but enjoy ourselves (and we did!) back to the real world (exhausting!).  It almost feels like the wedding and honeymoon were months ago – except for the fact that it still feels weird/wonderful/funny to call each other husband and wife (my husband has been dropping the ‘wife-bomb’ into conversation so much that it could almost be my new name) and that our wedding cards are still all over the kitchen table.  We should be getting our professional photos back any day now and I absolutely can’t wait to relive all of those moments again.  I’m planning to print lots to have around the house but also make a series of scrapbooks – one brand new with all of our wedding photos, one that continues the fun scrapbook we have from our photobooth (including the photos that didn’t make the cut – sorry guests they’re all going in!), and I’m going to add pictures from the wedding of my beautiful hens and bridemaids into the lovely hen book they made me.  Scrapbooking could become my new thing!

It’s a well known fact that I am rubbish at packing.  I’m quite a messy, hoarder of a person (I’m a crafter – what did you expect!) and I love having fun with my clothes and jewellery so when it comes to packing I always struggle to streamline my choices.  In an attempt to overcome this I read loads of blogs about capsule wardrobes and honeymoon packing.  The best pieces of advice I gleaned that actually worked for me was to actually put together a range of full outfits to take- rather than just stuffing your case full of your favourite bits and pieces then discovering nothing goes with anything.

Because I find packing so excruciating I like to lengthen the process by taking lots of breaks and distracting myself constantly… so OF COURSE I figured that rather than taking on the task of cutting down the number of shoes piled up on my bed, I should think about the  bigger picture – how to prettify our luggage and tell the world we were on honeymoon!

I should admit at this point that part of the reasoning behind making cute luggage bunting was so that people would know we were on honeymoon in the hope that we might get strangers saying congratulations, receive really great customer service, and possibly an upgrade here and there (I’m an evil crafting genius – I know).

To make the bunting I used:

  • Bakers Twine
  • Polycotton Fabric for the flags
  • Felt for the letters
  • Craft glue to stick it all together

I could have sewn the flags but I was feeling lazy and afterwards I realised that because of how the glue hardened it made them far more durable for the journey.

These sweet flags made even waiting in line at the airport seem fun!  Plus it meant we spotted our luggage instantly at the other end – winwin!

Are you a packing procrastinator like me or a pro?

luggage bunting 2

honeymoon luggage bunting



2 thoughts on “Honeymooners need Honeymoon Luggage Bunting

  1. I love this! I wish I’d done it for our honeymoon in April. I might have succeeded in the upgrades then! I learnt “we are on our honeymoon” in Spanish but to no avail. Did this one work for you?

    1. To be honest I think the honeymoon perks we got at our hotel were more down to us repeatedly telling them we were on honeymoon that the bunting! Although my bunting did mean we had lots of lovely strangers say congratulations at the airport which was really fun!
      I’ve just checked out your blog – it’s lovely!
      Hannah x

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