Crafternoon How-To: Pretty patterns and papercut

These cards went into my DIY Bridesmaid gifts and I was so happy with them. They’re simple to create and I think they look really chic. To make them you just need to be comfortable using a craft knife – for the design itself you could freehand draw as I did or you could even trace the design you wanted.  I’m looking forward to making more complicated designs as I become more confident with my papercut design skills.
I’m planning to make more of these across the year for birthdays and other celebrations – I’ve also got a few letters to write destined for America and Australia so I think I’ll use these then too (snail mail AND handmade – it’s like a crafty bloggers dream come true).

Tutorial below – happy crafting!

decorative paper papercut cards

You will need
Card stock (I used A4 to create A5 cards)
Decorative paper (mine are from Tiger Stores)
Glue stick
Craft knife and cutting board
Ruler and pencil

Step One: Design It
Fold your card stock in half. Draw your design on the inside of the front of your card. Remember the final design will come out backwards so if you’re drawing letters use tracing paper to transfer your lines back to front.

papercut card design

Step Two: Cut It
Using your craft knife cut out your design,  starting with the smallest piece. Take your time with this part so that your lines are smooth.

papercut card kite design

Step Three: Back It
Cut your decorative paper so it is very slightly smaller than the front of your card. Glue into place with your glue stick so that your papercut design pops with pattern!

papercut card with pattened backing

When I was photographing these I also noticed that the light was streaming through the patterned paper – it gave the card a really beautiful stained glass effect!

patterned papercut card


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