Dip-Dye Oh MY – Raspberry Tote Bags

After my recent foray into the world of Dip-Dye I was hooked so I couldn’t resist bringing some of my learning into my wedding preparations.  I decided to give each of my bridemaids a little bag of thank-you’s (more on that later).  I wanted to do something a little more interesting (and reusable) than a gift-bag so I bought some small canvas tote bags to transform into colourful dip-dyed summer bags using my goodies from Dylon Dye.

Here’s the tutorial so you can try it yourself:

You will need

  • Canvas Tote Bag
  • Dylon hand-dye in Tulip Red
  • 6L warm water in a bucket
  • 250g salt

Mix It

Mix your dye with 500ml water.  Stir until it’s dissolved.  Fill a bucket with 6L of warm water and stir in 250g salt – now add your dye.

Dip It

Now the fun begins – dip your bag into the dye, either completely or leaving the handles like I have so they will remain the natural colour of the bag.  Immediately pull your bag out about 2 inches and hang over the side of the bucket to keep the top section away from the dye.  Across the next 20minutes pull more of your bag out of the dye to create the ombre effect.  Be warned – these dyes are strong so you need to move fairly quickly.

dip dye tote bag raspberry red

I actually started with a pale pink dylon dye buy it didn’t take to the canvas bag anywhere near as strong as I wanted (you could barely see it, although I’m sure when used on white fabrics the colour would be beautiful). So I then added the tulip red – I think it was the combo of these two colours that created the rather delicious raspberry red I ended up with!

I also brilliantly dyed my hand red doing this because I didn’t use gloves (rookie error).  Luckily this was still ten days before my wedding and with a little (a lot) of hot soapy water and scrubbing the dye came out after a day. PHEW

Dry It

Rinse your bag in cold water to remove excess dye and then hang your finished bag out to dry.  I gave it one more wash after this to get rid of any final excess dye hanging out (you don’t want it running in the rain).  After one final dry and a quick iron my bag was complete!

What do you think?

dip dye tote

dip dye red pink tote bag


3 thoughts on “Dip-Dye Oh MY – Raspberry Tote Bags

  1. It looks super-good but it also looks not so easy to make them. Especially when you have to make a lot of them. Now it depends on how many bridemaids you have.

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