How to make Kick-Ass Bunting

I’ve been making a TON of bunting for my wedding.  Making metres of bunting is really easy, casual and chilled (said no-one ever!). I was lucky – I had lots and lots of help from my mum who gallantly made all of the bunting triangles, so that I was just left with the job of sewing it all up with bunting tape.  I love bunting (see proof here, here and here) and I couldn’t imagine my wedding without it BUT it is a lot of work.  So here are my top tips for making your own mountain of kick-ass bunting for your big day.

1. Gather a team.  Family, friends, that woman you met at that craft event one time who you know has a sewing machine and a kind heart – gather your troops.  You’ll need all the help you can get


2. Go with a theme.  Colour palettes a-go-go.  Whether you choose certain colours, patterns or fabrics bunting always looks best when there is a cohesive design look.  Go for all brights, all vintage patterns, all lace (one of my favourite looks)… after all if you’re making metres upon metres of the stuff you should probably make the most of your hard work and use it to bring the look and feel of your venue in one great big beautiful aesthetic.

3. Keep it clean.  Good housekeeping while you’re making will save you hours of stress later down the line when you’re trying to get those triangles flat.  Iron your fabric and press your triangles so that the shape is sharp and beautiful, and above all easy to sew into place with your bunting tape… and on that note…


4. Don’t go too lean.  I bought quite skinny cotton tape to use as my bunting tape.  Traditionally you’ll fold your tape over the top of your bunting triangles to secure and hide any ragged edges, which sadly (for me) means the thinner your tape, the more fiddly that job becomes…

5. Be a machine.  Make a machine line.  Cut all of your bunting triangles, iron all of the fabricsew to your tape in great big batches! It’s much much quicker in the long run and suddenly the idea of making 25 metres of bunting isn’t so scary.

WOOOOOOO BUNTING!! (p.s this bunting selfie was so hard to take even with my long arms!!)


Have you ever experienced ‘bunting-gate’?  What are your top tips?



4 thoughts on “How to make Kick-Ass Bunting

  1. I made some bunting the other year and found it not too bad even with my very limited sewing skills. My top tip is to cut off the point of the triangles (when still inside out) to minimise the amount of fabric in the point and then use something pointy (a pen or something) to push them out when turned the right way. I’m sure none of that makes sense!

    1. Amazing! That’s a great tip – otherwise even pressing your triangles flat is really tricky. Also trimming the top line flat before you sew your bunting tape over it means you don’t end up with annoying lumps and bumps xx

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