Bottomless Brunch at Salmontini!

The very lovely Sarah of the Prosecco Diaries was kind enough to invite me along to a bloggers brunch event at Salmontini – a fabulous fish and fizz focused restaurant in Belgravia. Being in the heat of final wedding preparations I agreed – what better way to have a well earned break than with bloggers, brunch and bubbles!

I walked down from Knightsbridge and it was such a gorgeous day that I went completely the wrong way so was rushing by the time I reached Salmontini. Luckily I was greeted with a cold glass of fizz and some great company.


Once we sat down we were presented with an enormous bowl of delicious edamame – I don’t  want to harp on about the edamame but they were so incredible I honestly could have eaten the whole bowl myself! Luckily – to stop me embarrassing myself by following through – more food started to arrive to satiate my tastebuds.  From salads to sushi to delicious spicy fish dishes I was highly impressed with each course.  My highlights were the showstopping spicy salmon and spicy tuna bites – I’ve  never though myself much of a tuna fan but I can say wholeheartedly that I am converted.

salmontini 007

salmontini 011

salmontini 012

The array of sushi was particularly impressive – the tempura prawn and spicy tuna (again! see? Converted!) were two of my favourites.  Sarah is veggie so they also created a whole tray of beautiful vegetarian sushi for her specially with avocado, asparagus and rocket – delicious.

salmontini 017

salmontini 015

salmontini 019

A whole variety of puddings came out and like the eager bloggers we were everyone dug in – I really loved the beautiful delicate apple pie (apples in desserts always have a really delicious nostalgic feel for me because my grandma used to make amazing strudels and pies) and the decadent chocolate bomb was a huge hit.


Throughout the meal we had bottomless fizz and the waiters were very generous with their pouring. As I write this I’m sitting on a train out of London – still bubbling away – and I hold the wonderful service and subtle refills completely accountable.


Sitting with Sarah and I was the lovely Angela from The Awkward Blog, and Angie from Silver Spoon London was also there – it was so lovely to meet them both and Angela and I basically geeked out on our wedding plans (mine’s just 2 weeks away and hers is 8!!) – hopefully we didn’t  bore Sarah too much with the details. The problem for me is that I genuinely love hearing about weddings! Whether they happened a year ago, was a wedding where you barely knew the newlyweds or is in the throes of being planned I never bore of hearing about the gorgeous details people dream up for their big days.

It was a glorious afternoon and the pretty Belgravia setting added to the charm of this sumptuous spot. To any bride-to-be’s out there I’d  also highly recommend a little decadence a few weeks before your wedding – just for a day, throw the diet away and drink champagne and eat delicious food and while away the hours with chit chat while doing zero ‘wedmin’ – it’s an amazingly restorative venture!


3 thoughts on “Bottomless Brunch at Salmontini!

  1. Hi! This all looks really nice! 🙂 Sorry my question has nothing to do with your brunch. I was wondering where you buy all those lovely vintage floral and polka dot, gingham etc fabrics? I’m still pretty new to the North East and haven’t been able to find any nice fabrics for my upcoming wedding. x

    1. Hi. No problem at all – I tend to buy fabric online. The floral vintage fabric was from Minerva Crafts and if you search through amazon you can normally find some great stores. I hope that helps! What are you planning to make?
      Hannah x

      1. Thanks Hannah! I don’t usually like buying fabric online but I think I’ll just have to do it! I’m going to make bunting and maybe some little cushions. x

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