Get Your Dip-Dye On! Playing with Dylon Dyes

Dylon Dyes challenged me to pick a few colours and get my dye on.  Classic magpie I picked colours before even having a clue about what I was going to do with them!  I went for hand dye options rather than machine so I could play around with dip-dye if it took my fancy and I chose a pale pink, navy blue, french lavender and bright red.  I didn’t want to go too overboard with brights because, while it’s tempting to go a bit mad with customising clothing I wanted to create some pieces that I would wear and wear.

dylon dyes 004

I’ve got an old embellished pair of denim shorts that have just been sitting in my draw plus an old white t-shirt that I never wear because of it’s length.  it’s the longest tee in the world!  I’m tall and I have a really long body and yet the t-shirt still doesn’t really fit me. I’ve got festivals to go to this summer so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to breath some new life into these items!

I went for a subtle all-0ver dye for my denim shorts using french lavender to ease me in and then decided to play with dip-dye and fringing for the tshirt!


Here’s the before

dylon dyes 002

and here’s the after:

dylon dyes

dylon dyes denim shorts makeover

dylon dyes dip dye fringe tee

dylon challenge

I love how the tshirt came out – the colour really works and it was so simple.  For the shorts I think my colour choice was too subtle for a real transformation (the dye only really took to the lighter parts of the denim as you can see in the second pic) so I might try again with a stronger option but at least they are still completely wearable!

The process was so so easy – even if you haven’t used hand dyes before.  I would definitely recommend that if it’s your first time to use the hand dye options as you can keep a close eye on how the dye is taking to your clothes – really useful if you’re working with stronger colours on lighter fabrics.

Here’s the basics for how I made the tshirt – for the shorts I simple followed the dye instructions and instead of partially dipping the fabric into the bucket of water I immersed it completely.


Put your t-shirt on and measure where you’d be happy to have fringing come up to – I’ve kept it the length of a normal t-shirt and then anything extra I’m turning to fringing. mark with a pencil or air erasable pen.

Now using sharp fabric scissors (or scissors long enough to ensure your lines are straight) cut from the bottom of the t-shirt vertically upwards to that point all the way around in even strips.

Dip Dye

After prepping your dye (mixing with 6L of warm water, 250g salt in a bucket) lower the fringe ends of your tshirt into the mix – only lower as far as your want to have colour – I went for just above the fringing, and then hang over the side of the bucket so the rest of the t-shirt doesn’t fall in.  Make sure that you wipe the edge of the bucket first just in case there are any splashes of dye on the side – otherwise you’ll end up with random marks on your top.

Leave for 45mins (although on white the dye will take to the fabric really really quickly!).  To create an ombre effect simply pull your tshirt slightly further out of the dye every 10mins then it will look lighter at the top and darker at the bottom.

Wash in cold water to remove the excess dye and hang out to dry

What do you think?

Dylon provided dyes free of charge for this post.  As always I’ve written my honest opinion about the process and product.




3 thoughts on “Get Your Dip-Dye On! Playing with Dylon Dyes

    1. That’s my next plan Kate! I’m making my bridesmaids (let’s hope they don’t read this – oops!) dip-dyed bags as part of their wedding gifts using pale pink x

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