Every day I’m tassling!

I’m developing a real love for making beautiful party and celebration decorations.  Maybe I’m spending too much time on Oh Happy Day, or maybe my mind has been truly taken over by wedding planning (are you bored of hearing about my wedding plans yet readers?) but either way garlands and bunting and backdrops are filling my mind from dusk to dawn and back again.

I knew I wanted to make lots of decorations for my wedding and I also knew I didn’t want to spend a fortune on them – DIY is always the best way in my mind as you can budget your materials properly and you can work really closely to the beautiful picture in your mind, rather than settling for what’s currently in fashion in the shops. It’s also (craft hoarders of the world prick up your ears) a great way to use up your craft stash – yes!! Although of course it’s equally a good excuse to go shopping for new fabrics and ribbons and wool in just the right colours – double win.

I really love tassels and I love bright colours so I decided to create metres of tassel garlands to decorate the stairs in my venue, alongside the bunting my mum has craftily sewn.  I took inspiration from wool I had in my stash already and then bought extra so I could make enough tassels.  My colour choices: Navy Blue, Yello, Bright Pink and Neon Coral AKA COLOUR DREAM TEAM.

100 days of making tassel garland

Tassels are really simple to make to I enlisted the help of my fabulous bridesmaids to make as many as they could carry.  Once you have your tassels it’s simply a case of cutting long lengths of wool (for me I chose navy blue again as a base colour) and tying your tassels evenly along it, leaving plenty of spare either end so you can tie into place around bannisters, railings or hooks.

I cannot wait to see them in my venue and I think they’re going to really help, along with the bunting, bring the whole look of the venue together with glorious glorious colour!

Have you ever made your own decorations? 




5 thoughts on “Every day I’m tassling!

  1. You had me at the title of this to be quite frank – inspired! And they look beautiful.
    I got married 8 years ago, just before this big DIY thing kicked in massively and it never really occurred to me to make my own decorations (did my own favours though) – if I was doing it all again now I’d have tassels and bunting and cake stands and guests bringing cakes and home made center pieces. The works.
    I think it really helps your wedding feel like yours.
    M x

    1. Thanks so much Michelle! What did you do for favours? – that feels like quite an epic undertaking! Yes I was really tempted to just ask everyone to bring food and cake and have a big old homemade buffet. I’ve really loved making decorations for that exact reason – making sure the wedding is utterly us! I’ve got quite hooked so I’m going to have to find some more opportunities after the wedding to do more xx

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