5 quick easy ways to be creative!

Creativity leads to more creativity – makes sense right?  If you are creative; be it sewing, drawing, writing, crafting, and practicing your craft – actually making – then your mind frees up, you look at things around you in a more imaginative manner, you get new ideas and before you know it – creativity is literally flowing from your pores.  Equally making yourself start, getting that creativity flowing if you’re feeling a block can be a nightmare (we’ve all been there right?)

So here are my top five ways to quickly channel creativity or to get those creative juices flowing:

1. Doodle.  Freehand drawing and scribbling – shapes, texture, pattern, landscapes, character, anything goes.  Have you heard of a zendoodle? I hadn’t until it came up in a #creativebloggers chat.  Zendoodles don’t look like anything – they are irregular, abstract, patterned artworks.  Pinterest them – you will be enchanted.  Let’s all doodle more every day!  Want to give it a try? Creative Crafting magazine have the know-how here

2. Make an inspiration board.  Sounds cheesy I know but there’s something really relaxing and focusing about clipping out beautiful images, designs, patterns and colour to create boards that capture looks, designs and colour palettes you’re currently loving.  Keep your boards together and you can also see how your own tastes are changing.

3. Play with hand lettering or calligraphy.  All you need is a fountain pen and a notebook and you’re away.  Copy styles you like, try creating your own style of lettering, add swirls, embellishments, shadows.  I loved playing with calligraphy so much that I now have a little notebook purely dedicated to lettering practice.  If this really works for you you could even keep a pen and notebook in your handbag so you’re ready to go whenever the urge takes you.

hand lettering I just want to make beautiful things

4. Photo Prompts Make a great big list of words that you love, that express a feeling or an idea, that capture a sensation.  Now next time you’re needing a creative boost pick up your list and choose five words.  Now use these words as prompts to go and take pictures.  You could also take yourself on a mini photo walk.  Having the words as guidance will help you focus your thoughts and look at your environment in a different, and more creative way.

5. Write a short short story.  Tell me a story.  It could be a dream you had, something you saw, a fairytale, or something totally made up from the depths of your mind.  But you can only use 10 words.  Welcome the short short story – as bloggers we can get really comfortable with writing great big pieces about the smallest of details – almost anything can become amazingly rich content if written about in the right way.  So turn that habit on it’s head, choose carefully and make your words count.

I hope some of these work for you.  What quick and easy creative practices do you use to stay inspired?



7 thoughts on “5 quick easy ways to be creative!

  1. I love the idea of making an actual, physical inspiration board! I tend to make my boards digitally on the computer….I should really consider sitting down and clipping out magazine photos and pasting them on a poster board! Thank you 🙂

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