Crafternoon How-To: Upcycle a vintage case into a wedding card box!

I love an upcycled vintage suitcase (who doesn’t).  They’re a really fun and eyecatching, if no longer original, addition to wedding decor.  It’s also fairly simple to DIY so keep your eyes peeled for unwanted cases and follow the steps below to see how you can transform them!

You will need:

  • Vintage suitcase
  • Fabric – enough to line the inside
  • Fabric glue
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine – optional!
  • Bakers twine
  • Pretty card/paper
  • Glue stick
  • Tape – washi/masking/sticky – any tape will do

Step One

Remove any peeling/excess parts of the lining of the case.  It doesn’t need to be perfect but you don’t want lose parts of the lining underneath your fabric lining.  If your case is particularly damaged you can cut a new card base to fit the inside and stick into place


vintage case upcycle 2

Step Two

Measure the base of the case and the lid (on the inside).  Cut fabric slightly bigger to give some seam allowance then pin and sew a hem on each side.  This is optional – you could just cut to fit if your fabric isn’t going to fray, but I quite like having a slightly visible stitched seam.

vintage case upcycle 4

Now measure each of the sides for the base and top and repeat until you have fabric to cover every side of the inside of the case.

vintage case upcycle 3

Step Three

Using fabric glue stick each piece into place.  Either start with all of the sides of your case or with the top and base so that your fabric evenly overlaps in the same way all the way round.  Leave to dry

Step Four

It’s time to make your ‘cards’ sign.  Cut 5 bunting triangles from your card.  You can use craft scissors to add a pretty design to the edge, layer up different card/paper to give a decorative border or add other decorative details but it’s good to keep it consistent across the 5 bunting flags.

Now cut out your letters (I was lucky enough to be at home so I could use my mum’s Sissix for this bit – I have a lot of sizzix love now).  Keep them evenly sized and either all capitals or all lower case.  Each letter needs to fit on it’s own bunting triangle.  Stick in place.

sizzix letters

Step Five

Cut a length of bakers twine long enough to hang the width of your case plus some extra to attach.  Now space your bunting flags out so they fit within the width of your case and stick your twine across the back of them with tape.

You can attach your twine to the case either by taping again or by gluing.  Here’s how my card case is currently looking.  I’m planning to add some flowers/ribbon so I’ve got a bit more experimenting to do but I hope this shows your the basics.

100 days of making suitcase

What’s your proudest upcycled project?  I’d love to see them so leave your links below!


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