Crafternoon How-To: Confetti Cones

My wedding is 5 weeks away (I can’t quite believe it!) so all the DIY elements of the day are slowly coming together.  I met up with my mum last week who has been a bit of a DIY demon and she dropped off a great big bag of completed makes including 70 yes that’s right…70) handmade confetti cones. Cones. To hold confetti. for that teeny moment where everyone throws lavender and petals in the air and shouts hurrah.  70 of them.You might pick up that I wasn’t sold at first – it seemed like a huge amount of labour for such a tiny detail.  However my mum was really keen (just call her Super MOTB) so I dutifully picked out beautiful papers that complimented the theme from her enormous scrapbooking stash and off she went.The results are stunning!  Never again will I judge a craft or detail in a wedding as unneccessary… never again.  They look like beautiful couture ice-cream cones!

Just look at them!

DIY confetti cones

I thought I should include a quick how-to just in case anyone wants to try their hand at this lovely idea, so here goes:

You Will Need

  • Sheets of beautiful scrapbooking paper or equivalent (each sheet made 4 cones so we used 20 – tip from my mum, pick paper that has also has a pattern on the back for a beautiful contrasting look when you construct the cones)
  • Scissors
  • Craft scissors/edging stamps to add cut-out detail
  • Double sided sticky tape
  • Stapler (just in case in needs a little extra hold)

Step One: Cut It

Cut your craft paper into 4 quarters and turn so it sits like a diamond.  Use your craft scissors or edging stamp to create a beautiful patterned edge on the top two edges

Step Two: Roll It

Roll the two edges inwards to create your cone – you might want to use something tube shaped to help (my mum used a turkey baster #justsaying)

DIY confetti cones

Step Three: Stick It

Use double sided sticky tape to secure the two edges together and add a cheeky staple or two to secure (you may not need the staples but as the paper we used was beautiful but thick it really helped and they’re very subtle)

Step Four: Fill It!

Fill with lavender, petals, rice, whatever your confetti of choice is!  If you have a gap in the bottom add a little cotton wool to seal the cone so your confetti doesn’t fall out.  Now throw, throw, throw!

When my mum made these she said it was much much easier to work as a production line so if you’re making lots give it a go: it will save you hours


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