#100daysofmaking Happy Half Way day!

Woop Woop I’ve just hit my 50th make for my #100daysofmaking challenge!  As I’ve got further in it’s become harder to find the time to keep making.  I’ve missed a day here and there and had to squeeze in extra makes to get back up to speed.  I’m hoping I can find a little more balance in the next few weeks although I have two hen parties coming up (including mine!) so I might need to pack my knitting to get the makes in.  Any tips for easy on-the-go makes welcome!

From buttonholes to tassels, from upcycling to jewellery making here are a few of my favourite makes:

What have you been making lately?  Don’t forget to play along and check out all the other people taking part in #the100dayproject on Instagram!



One thought on “#100daysofmaking Happy Half Way day!

  1. Hey,

    Thanks for stopping over to my blog and saying hello! I’m glad you enjoyed the talk. I was actually really nervous so hopefully it didn’t show too much!

    I’ve never been good at crafting stuff but looks like you get that tweet vintage look perfectly!

    Hope you enjoy the hen parties – especially yours!

    Corinne x

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