Crafternoon How-To: DIY Floral Buttonholes

Beautiful flowers and men looking dashing in suits?  Yes Please! Buttonholes are such a perfect way to enhance a well cut suit and a lovely way to ensure any wedding colours you’re planning feature throughout the wedding party.  I was planning to make my own before I suddenly thought of what that would mean on the morning of my wedding….erm… stress!  So I’ve found a lovely florist to make them instead, but I couldn’t resist trying out the skill anyway!  And I’m delighted to say it’s really simple to get a seriously beautiful look (and a great excuse to buy beautiful flowers!)

You Will Need

  • Flowers!  I chose carnations in beautiful orange hues and baby’s breath (gypsophila)
  • Florist tape – I used white
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon – I went with simple off-white lace to match the flowers
  • Corsage pins

diy buttonholes 002

Step One

Choose a couple of blooms from each of your flowers and cut them leaving about 10cm of stem.  Try arranging them together and add or take away blooms as you need to.  Trim the bottom of the stems to your desired length.

diy buttonholes 010

Step Two

Holding your stems together start at the top, about 1cm under the flowers themselves and start to wrap the stems in florist’s tape.  Florist tape sticks to itself rather than to the stems and only really becomes sticky with a bit of stretch so as you wrap gently pull on the tape to ensure it will hold.  When you reach the bottom of the stems wrap slightly beyond them and then either trim the tape there, or if you’d like a slightly thicker body to your buttonhole wrap back up to the top. Lots of this is all about personal preference so try a few different options to see what you think works best for you.

diy buttonholes 011

Step Three

Cut a short length of ribbon and tie around the top of the stems, just underneath the flowers into a bow.  I cut the ribbon tails to roughly match the length of the tape, but I also wanted quite a rustic, unstructured look.

Finish by locating your dashing man in a suit and pinning into place on the left lapel of his suit!  Gorgeous!

diy buttonholes 018

Happy Crafting!



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