Making Lately: Weddings and Bag Tags and Knitting OH MY!

There’s now less than two months until my wedding – so me and the boy are both really trying to get our to-do lists moving so that the final few weeks can be exciting rather than frantic.  Work has also been pretty intense recently with Alchemy Festival and Web We Want  on the way (click the links to see the wonderful, crazy arts stuff I spend my working hours involved in!).  Add to that making decorations, writing tutorials for AskHerFriends and Make It Shabby, prepping for my event at Mollie Makes Handmade Awards, taking part in #The100dayProject, and keeping up with just general life….and well…I’ve had a little less time to blog than usual…

I think for my own sanity in this busy busy period I’m going to cut down my blogging to once a week (unless of course I suddenly get hit with time/inspiration/opportunity).  But you can keep up with me via instagram in terms of any making going on in between! (DISCLAIMER: It will be almost all wedding related.. you have been warned..)

In the meantime:

Check out my French Knitted Necklace tutorial on Make It Shabby


Celebrate summer with my Fruity Luggage Tags on AskHerFriends


And watch this space to see how my vintage suitcase upcycling venture goes!

vintage case upcyle

Happy Crafting!



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