The 100 Day Project

Have you heard of the 100 day project? It was setup by Elle Luna and The Great Discontent to encourage everyone to take part in 100 days of making. You could choose anything to be your focus for your making: lettering, writing, photography, sewing, using up scraps, learning new skills, ANYTHING but the aim is to do one thing every day and share on instagram using #The100DayProject and your own hashtag #100daysof______

What Could You Do With 100 Days of Making

Being a bit of a craft magpie with a hectic schedule I kept mine open: #100daysofmaking where I would commit to creating or working on something crafty every single day. I’m hoping this will help me try some new skills, practice some developing ones and give myself a bit of time to play with the easy stuff!!

It’s quite a test of endurance – finding time every day to actually sit down and make. Day 7 was hard, day 12 was harder… I started thinking about sneakily pinging in some old craft photos after a particularly long day before stopping myself with a resounding ‘No! Bad crafter’ and grabbing my calligraphy pen.Β  But it’s also exhilarating, and inspiring! Only got ten minutes? Great! What can you make it that time? Running low on creativity? Pick up an old project and breath some new life into it! Got more ideas than you can cope with? AMAZING! Make a list and that’s your next week sorted!

I’m currently on Day 25 (hooray! Cheers! Fanfare! Let’s have a parade!) But I’ve also just realised that the final ten days of the challenge clash directly with my wedding and honeymoon so I’m going to have to squeeze in some extra makes before then.

Follow me on instagram to see how I’m getting on and join in the fun.Β  You can read more about The 100 Day Project on their website:Β the 100 day project

You can also follow my challenge via pinterest!

What could you make for 100 days?


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