Challenge Garden SOS!

I was challenged by the lovely folk at MKM to makeover a small section of my garden for just £50.  I always feel lucky to have a garden at all in London (!) And, although it’s quite small we do have flower bed space that we’ve never done very much with.

Now I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as green fingered – earlier this year I killed a lavender plant which is meant to be really hard to do!  However my lovely fiancé got quite into gardening last summer and managed to produce peppers and tomatoes (yum) as well as cutting back the massive tree that was taking over. It’s a ying/yang, salt/pepper, jeckyll/hide situation: if left alone I will spray paint the world and he’ll cut down everything in site – together this just might work!

This was the garden before:

garden sos before 2

garden sos before 1


I drew some sketches of what I had in mind: I knew I wanted decorative pots using metallics and blackboard paint, I had a vision about a macrame hanging basket…Martin wanted new plants, and a general tidy up – off to homebase we went!  After a haul that lasted several hours (yup that’s right – we spent several hours looking at gardening tools, flowers, pots, paint and gravel… didn’t see that change coming) we carted the lot home and set to work.

His and Hers!
His and Hers!

I painted the plant pots with a mixture of gold metallic, aqua and blackboard paint. I used a rustoleum sealing spray paint at the end which will hopefully ensure they last outdoors.

painted flowerpots 2

Pretty Pots all in a row!

garden sos painted flowerpots

We found some great little buckets (actually from poundland) to plant tomatoes and herbs in.  Martin also filled this area with gravel and added a little wooden edging … plus some little frog people we were given last year.

garden sos buckets

New plants included Pansies and Lavender

garden sos pansies

garden sos lavender

I then set about making the macrame hanging basket to house my strawberry plants.  I used medium thickness yellow rope (15m bought from poundland).  I’ll write a proper tutorial to go through all the stages but I love how it turned out – I added bright pink tassels at the bottom to make it a little more eyecatching in the garden… and because.. well tassels right – they make everything better.

garden sos macrame basket

We planted up the pots with more flowers, herbs and chillies!  So now we wait… and water… and wait…

garden sos gravel and pots

garden sos final

How do you think we did?

MKM provided £50 for the materials I purchased to make over our garden but all products mentioned were my own choices.



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