Beautiful Bunting Buys!

My wedding is now just three months away so its time for the crafting to start in earnest. I’ve known from the start I wanted bunting to match our colour scheme and lucky for me some kind family members have offered their assistance!Β  I love bunting at weddings (and bunting in general) and it felt really special to create something to feature in the wedding that we could then bring home as a beautiful sentimental way to decorate our flat!

I always prefer patterns to plain so I decided to look for vintage-feel floral fabrics to make my bunting. And here they are!

Do you have a favourite? Any tips for a first time bunting maker?

new fabrics



3 thoughts on “Beautiful Bunting Buys!

    1. I’ve also just bought more polka dots in bright yellow and bright pink (sorry not sorry) so I may ditch the first three and use them for other things and just focus on polka dots and that gorgeous floral!! decisions decisions…

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