Things that make me go OOH! Kate Rowland’s wooden masterpieces!

Now and again you discover a piece of jewellery that just pulls in the compliments. It could be unusual, eye-catching, particularly well made (or if you’re really lucky all three!). My item of the moment hitting that spot is a beautiful wooden Feminist necklace created by amazing designer-maker Kate Rowland. Kate creates incredible illustrated and engraved wooden masterpieces which she sells on etsy. Her necklaces are fun and intricate and with just the right amount of wit and punch to make them awesomely eye-catching statement pieces.

My necklace is from her feminist range, from which 50% of her profits are donated to Rape Crisis England & Wales – a pretty inspiring narrative for this beautiful jewellery line and another reason to support this fantastic designer. Kate also creates pieces inspired by cult hit TV shows such as Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Arrested Development and Parks and Recreation (can you recognise the references below?)



Pretty awesome right?? You can explore all the goodies in Kate’s store here – be warned, it’s very very easy to get shopping-happy and to try and buy everything! But hey – the compliments from your friends, family and work mates will be totally worth it!


3 thoughts on “Things that make me go OOH! Kate Rowland’s wooden masterpieces!

    1. I know right?! Seriously – there are about 8 pieces that I want to buy currently – that and my Tatty Devine obsession is doing nothing for my bank balance! X

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