Being a social blogger

One of the aims I gave myself this year was to give a little more time to my blog,  to try and grow my readership and to embrace the blogging community more. I always knew there was an enormous crafting community online but I never quite felt I had the time (or expertise?) to get involved. More fool me because since taking this on I’ve been more inspired,  more proactive at writing and making, more engaged and excited about my blog and I’ve picked up lots of new followers!

These are the main changes I’ve made:

I give myself dedicated time each week to catch up on reading blogs I loveBloglovin is a complete dream for this because I just wouldn’t be able to keep track of that many blogs without it

DeathtoStock_Creative Community3

I comment!! Sounds simple but I can’t explain how much I love reading comments on my own blog, so whether its saying that I love what someone has made, whether it’s helped me, given me ideas, or if I’ve had a similar experience I share it with them. The only issue I have with this is keeping track of any replies – if you have any tips I’d love to hear them!

hello chalk

Twitter chats. I’m trying really hard to take part in more twitter chats – something I really struggle with because day job, seeing friends, planning a wedding..  you know.. life.  But I love these chats – and they’re an amazing way to find new inspiration and get help with problems and challenges, Basically they’re a big melting pot of experience and I take something great away from every single one I’m a part of.  My favourites are #crafthour (sundays 7-8pm), #craftblogclub (Tuesdays 7-8.30), and @cbloggerschat (thursdays 8.30- 9.30).


Blogger Events!  My new approach to blogging was kick started when I attended a bloggers event with my fab friend Katie, where I met another awesome blogger Katy (I can only assume from this that ALL lifestyle bloggers are called Katy right?). We chatted, drank all the gin cocktails, got our lips painted with glitter, ate mac and cheese and basically had a completely awesome night with lots of awesome people! It was a brilliant experience so I’m trying to be much braver with getting involved in blogger events.

blogger fun

So this is really my point – one of the simplest reasons it’s great to be a social blogger is that you’re going to meet lovely, friendly, fun people that you have tons in common with! Its basically an excuse to geek out on your favourite things that other people might get bored chatting about after an hour or so – theatre, food, sewing, DIY, fashion, books… really wherever your passion lies there is a whole crowd of people out there who love it too! So get involved!

Do you have any tips on how to be a more social blogger?  What are your favourite chats/meetups? 


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