Making Lately

Anyone else feel like the past few weeks have. not. stopped? I do!  It’s always tricky to get that perfect work-life balance and for most of us (crafters, artists, designer/makers, creatives) we’re working a full time job as well as trying to find time to maintain creative projects and/or businesses (and that’s before even finding time to hang out with friends, try and keep up some sort of fitness habit, plan a wedding and do your washing!)  In the last week life has felt particularly full for me and so I’ve barely threaded a needle, drawn a design, knitted a row or even gazed at magazines for inspiration!

I’m hoping I can get back on track after the weekend – I’m very excited to be attending my very first blogging event (where I’m not just tagging along as a plus one to take snaps of macaroons… or create a long, complicated, photo based game of INCEPTION as Katie and I did at the Voucher Codes swap shop!).  Watch this space for how that goes but I’m hoping it will be the perfect springboard to get making and blogging and thinking again!

In the meantime I’ve written some new tutorials for fab gift website where I write for their homemade gifts section.

Make your own fridge magnets set!

Add some edge to your photo collages!



My DIY designed mugs tutorial is also now up on the Make It Shabby website


How do you manage your work/life commitments? and what have you been making lately?


3 thoughts on “Making Lately

  1. I love the mug tutorial! I tried this once with sharpies and then when I baked the mug the colour went really funky… x

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