Crafternoon How-To: Yarn Wrapped Vases

Yarn wrapped vases

I spotted some really beautiful yarn wrapped vases in Mollie Makes recently and instantly thought ‘Now THAT’S a design I can hack’. I think these yarn wrapped bottles and jam jars are a beautiful way to add a pop of colour to your home (and a great excuse to buy flowers!). They’d also make fantastic wedding centre pieces if you gathered a few together and they are really easy to make!

You Will Need

  • Yarn/wool in your chosen colours
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Jars and bottles with labels removed

yarn wrapped vases you will need

Step 1: Knot It

Wrap your yarn once round the top of your bottle or jar and tie a tight knot. Add glue to secure and let the short end hang vertically down so you can cover it.

Step 2: Wrap It

Now start wrapping the yarn round and round to slowly cover your jar/bottle. Make sure the yarn matches up to create an even and solid layer with no gaps. Add glue as you go to secure.

When wrapping curved areas (like the base of a wine bottle neck) you will need to loosen your wrapping and use more glue to secure the yarn

Step 3: Secure It

Just before you reach the base of your jar or bottle add a thick horizontal line of glue and then wrap your yarn over the glue until you reach the base. Trim your yarn and add a final blob of glue on the end to secure in place.

I went with solid colours but you could alternate yarn to create stripes (thick or thin!) Or you could wrap with two colours at once to create a multi coloured effect.

What colours would you go for?
Happy Crafting!




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