Etsy wedding invitations by birDIY design

I love receiving wedding invitations! Apart from the obvious excitement about the celebration itself the invitation acts as a beautiful teaser for the day! All sorts of clues about the feel, tone, theme or look of the day becomes captured in this pretty little gem (that also makes your fridge look so much more appealing).  In the last year I’ve had delightful book themed invites, extravagent papercut designs,  ribbon embellishments and a particularly cute vintage postcard with a personalised save-the-date stamp.

As I now know wedding invitations can be pretty expensive-particularly if you’re having a big wedding and I’m sure I’m not alone in wanting to achieve beautiful design on a teeny tiny budget!

I did consider creating handmade invitations… and then started getting my head around the time that could potentially involve that I just dont have. Then I started thinking about creating a papercut design and scanning the image to make a printable design with a handmade feel.  I set off online to get some inspiration and started to come across the amazing range of free and inexpensive printables there are out there: weddingchicks is particularly great for this if you’re looking…and so is my longtime maker marketplace favourite ETSY!!


I love chalkboard style designs – I think they look creative, fun, vintage-esque and just crafty enough to keep me happy so I was delighted to come across the GORGEOUS designs  of birDIY designs. They specialise in unique and elegant invitations for all of life’s celebrations and their beautiful designs, once purchased, are so simple to download and customise that even someone who fears photoshop as much as I do could use them (ps you don’t need photoshop for these invites, just word, hence why yours truly was ALL OVER THIS).


What I particularly loved about their designs was that the majority were totally customisable, meaning that even the wording could be adjusted, rather than just the names which you get with a lot of online freebies.  This was really important as we (myself and my husband-to-be who dutifully sat through me oohing and aahhing over literally a mountain of invite possibilities) wanted to make sure our invitations reflected us and our wedding. Not overly formal, not too cheesy, and with the invitation coming from us rather than one set of parents and so on.


I chose my invitation and paid the exceptionally reasonable £5.27 (american company not just very specific about pricing!) And within minutes I was able to download my invitation template and a document with the fonts I needed to have on my computer plus exact links for where I could download each one for free. For anyone who hasn’t downloaded free fonts before (me again!) It is incredibly easy and take minutes.  It also means you end up with some pretty new fonts on your computer to play with – win!

All of their designs would work really well as a front of a card or postcard so we opted for a postcard look and feel and created the other side ourselves (with the help of my super talented graphic designer maid of honor – really worth finding the talents in your wedding team!).  To compliment the white on black design on the front we used the same fonts but with black text on a white background for the back.  After that it was a simple case of sending them off to a printers to have them printed on lovely card and getting them out to our guests (again just do some research here – it cost us £36 to have 200 invites printed on really nice weighted pulped paper).

If you are looking for invitations for any event that are fun and beautifully designed while still being unique and affordable I would really reccomend having a browse. 🙂

Do you have any other tips to help bring wedding costs down without compromising style?


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