My Craft Blog Club Challenge: calligraphy

Have you heard about @craftblogclub?  It’s an ace gathering of crafty bloggers each week on twitter.  As you can imagine the craft chat is excellent (it’s particularly good as it’s not focused on selling which a few other crafty twitter hours can often be taken over by!).  Craft Blog Club is headed up by amazing crafters Fizzi Jayne, Katie Gets Crafty and Live Peachy

They’ve just set the first challenge of the year – to try a new craft and blog about it.  We have until March 17th when we’ll be sharing back how we got on.  You can read more about the challenge here

This is perfect for me because it plays right into one of my new years resolutions: to push myself to learn new craft skills, but my main issue is deciding what to work on!  There are so many new crafts I’d like to try and so many crafts I’m already comfortable with that I’d like to take to a new level.  To name but a few:

– Fair isle knitting… or in fact any colour changing in knitting

– Calligraphy

– Artistic machine embroidery

– Marbling (of any kind but I’m really loving this trend at the moment!)

– Weaving

I’ve decided to make a start with calligraphy as I’ve always wanted to have more beautiful handwriting than I do!

hand lettering I just want to make beautiful things

I love seeing the handmade cards and prints that other crafters are able to create using a whole variety of gorgeous hand lettering techniques. With a little practice, I’m hoping I can make my own stationery, prints and wedding favours!

calligraphy practice

To get started I treated myself to a calligraphy set from manuscript (you can see exactly what I bought here) that contained a tutorial book, practice pad, 2 fountain pens and a range of different size nibs and different colour inks. I also bought a few felt-tip style calligraphy pens so I could get started nice and quickly.

Having the visual aids of the letters and sizing guides from the book to work with made practising really easy and I quickly created a few pieces using quotes and sayings I love.

hand lettering once upon a time

hand lettering when i saw you I fell in love

I’m so happy with this last one!!  I started playing with adding little decorative details and I really love how the tiny hearts finish this soppy Shakespearian quote!  I also found practising the lettering incredibly relaxing – and because you don’t need too much in the way of materials I can see this becoming a real go-to craft fix for me!

What new crafts are you trying this year? Are you taking part in the #CraftBlogClub Challenge?



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