Marbling Everything!

I am loving the marbling trend at the moment and it seems to be popping up all over the place!!

Marbling has always seemed like a very cool, but pretty difficult DIY – particularly in terms of having to buy in materials that you’re unlikely to have lying around the house.  So I was delighted to discover two brilliant marbling DIYs within weeks of each other that are a) simple and straightforward enough to try and b) make use of materials most of us will have anyway  – HOORAY!!

First up we have this brilliant marbling tutorial to make gorgeous paper and stationery from Honestly WTF using… wait for it… shaving cream and food colouring!!  I’m yet to try this but I am absolutely sold.  Look at the gorgeous results they achieved!


Next up the always forward thinking, always reliable queens of the achievable DIY: Mollie Makes magazine!!  Now this time the technique uses nail varnish and warm water to create the marbled effect on ceramic mugs. Genius!  And because I have an absolute ton of nail varnish any given time I thought I could offer some up to the marbling cause!

In its simplest terms you drip nail varnish into a tub of warm water, the nail varnish will spread on the surface creating a thin layer.  Then dip your mug in and that varnish layer will cling to the mugs surface.  Repeat for multiple layers of colour, or stronger coverage.  You can then neaten your work with nail varnish removed before allowing your mug to dry overnight.  Here’s how I got on:

marbling mugs you will need

mollie makes nail polish mug

marbling with nail polish

finished nail polish marbled mug

finished nail polish marbled mug


Happy Crafting!


4 thoughts on “Marbling Everything!

    1. Apparently allowing it to dry properly makes it fairly durable (as long as you handwash!) – however I’m planning to add a top coat to help protect it just in case
      Thanks for reading! x

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