Crafternoon How-To: No sew lace bunting!

Don’t you just love bunting! For those occasions where actually switching on your sewing machine or threading a needle just feels like too much hard work here’s a quick and easy tutorial for rustic lace bunting that only requires scissors and glue! Hurrah!

You will need
– Stiff lace fabric. I sourced mine from Hobbycraft
– Contrasting lace ribbon
– Craft glue
– Scissors

lace and ribbon

Step one: Cut
Cut out triangles from your lace fabric. They could all match or you could mix small and large. I cut 5 large triangles and two smaller for the outside edge.

lace bunting triangles

Step two: Glue
Lay your ribbon out on the table. Leave about 30cm from the end free to allow you to tie your bunting up when you’re done. Then position your first triangle with the ribbon running across the top.  Glue into place and the add your next triangle a couple of centimetres along. Continue until you’ve added all of your triangles and leave to dry

now sew lace bunting - Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Step three: Trim and hang
Once dry measure another 30cm on your ribbon and cut. Now you can tie your bunting up and add a little vintage charm to your home!

Crafternoon Cabaret Club  lace butning

Crafternoon Cabaret Club no sew bunting

Happy Crafting!

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © Crafternoon Cabaret Club 2014

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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