Love love love! Stamped Valentines Card

Love is in the air!!  It’s almost valentine’s day!  I absolutely love Valentine’s day.  Don’t get me wrong – I don’t love the jumped up prices on my favourite restaurants or the crazy eyed teddy bears but I LOVE the buzziness, the flowers: that’s right – even if they’re not mine I love seeing people clutching roses, flower deliveries at work and shops bursting with colour! (…of course if a certain someone wants to get me flowers.. ahem.. that would be A-OK.. but you know… I’m just mega breezy about the whole thing…ahem).  I love the romantic dates people plan, the GALentines get-togethers with your best ladies and the excellent excuse to watch classic Rom-Coms while drinking champagne…for a whole weekend.. that’s a thing right?

Crafters tend to go a little bit mental at the first sniff of Valentine’s – there are so many printables, quick makes, decorations and DIYs linked into this holiday that range from soppy to ironic, cute to comedy and chic to beautifully homemade.  Here are a few of my faves:

1. Heart Shaped Tea Bags from Her Imajination

2. Beautiful love message pillows from Seeds and Stitches/The Making Home

3. Valentine’s Cake Pops (YUM) from Hobbycraft

4. Colourful Notecard Printables from Paper & Stitch

5. 3D paper hearts wall art from How About Orange

To infuse a little of my own Valentines love into the DIY mix I’ve created this simple tutorial for a stamped loveheart card for AskHerFriends. It will take you about half an hour tops and it’s a great chance to whack on some classic love hits (how deep is YOUR love) and indulge in some heartfelt making.  Head over to see the tutorial now!

VDay Card Crafternoon Cabaret Club 3


3 thoughts on “Love love love! Stamped Valentines Card

  1. Hi Hannah! What a lovely blog u have here and oh so creative, impressed – haha yes V-day can cause really cause soooo many versions on how to express the love, love your idea, simple and classy:-)

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