5 Wedding DIYs I want to try

I’m discovering that certain expectations come with being ‘crafty’ and engaged… it’s probably along the same lines as stand-up comedians who have to give the groom/best-man speech.  So naturally I’m going to be infusing some DIY craftiness into the big day.  I can safely say I won’t be sewing my own wedding dress or making my own accessories; however much I like to let loose on feathers, beading and lace with a needle and thread and in times of emergency a glue gun, BUT I love the idea of having a few handmade touches about the day.

There are some seriously brilliant DIY wedding blogs out there: Ruffled, A Practical Wedding, The Knotty Bride, Rock My Wedding and Style Me Pretty all have a fantastic range of wedding DIYs to try, or for general party inspiration (a wedding is just one big party right?) you can try Studio DIY, and there’s also lots of websites with free printables like WeddingChicks.

So here’s my Top 5 Wedding DIYs I’d like to try!

1. DIY Buttonholes. 

The pretty decorations that adorn your groom and groomsmen’s pockets.  I love this simple tutorial from Wedding and Wedding Flowers.  It looks really manageable and the type of craft that can be very easily customised and adapted to match your colours, or feel of the day.  I’ve also been thinking about button buttonholes (mainly for my own amusement) using the button-bouquet method where you create flowers by layering buttons on top of one another, thread with wire, twist to secure and tape to create tiny bunches of button flowers (buttons buttons buttons…)

The example below is from I Heart buttons


2. Bunting!

For me bunting is a celebration staple – I love it’s bright and colourful whimsy and it makes me think of summer fêtes, seaside arcades and small-town parades.  For Christmas I was given a book all about making bunting – from flag bunting to traditional, to flower bunting, bunting using paper, card, lace, felt, cotton; double sided, edges, embroidered, you name it it had it.  Bunting is an absolute must.

Here’s a lovely tutorial for rustic burlap bunting from A Handcrafted Wedding – another must-browse website for aspiring DIY brides!

3. Enormous Flowers

So I might not actually do this for my wedding… but I’m sure I’ll need a giant rose in my life at some point… soon…. really soon…

Green Wedding Shoes has a brilliant tutorial and the sumptuous example you can see above can be found here

4. Vintage Card Suitcase

It’s a gorgeous image you’ve probably seen many a time or at least all over pinterest – and I love the idea for a city wedding!  Take a vintage suitcase, line beautifully, add mini bunting, flowers or decorations and use to collect all of your wedding cards on the day!

This example is from a gorgeous wedding on Ruffled

vintage suitcase wedding card box

5. Photobooth props!

I couldn’t wait to book in a photobooth for our wedding!! I’m actually excited just thinking about it!! Not that our friends are posers… or photo hogs… or love a group shot… But I think we’re going get a lot of use from the booth on the day.  What makes a photobooth even better? PROPS!  What could top that? DIY PROPS!! YES YES YES!

Online you can find lots of free printables to use like these at Bespoke Bride but I’m also thinking about making simple shapes, painting with chalkboard paint and supplying chalks so our guests can personalise up their props!

What wedding DIY’s are you planning? Have you been to any weddings that have included an element of handmade in the big day?


4 thoughts on “5 Wedding DIYs I want to try

  1. I went to a wedding and they had a plain box which was locked. They asked people to write any sort of message to do with marriage or just a well wish and put it in the box. They opened it on their first wedding anniversary. I love the ideas that you have shared here.

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