Crafternoon How-To: French knitted knotted necklace

Ok firstly can we just enjoy the alliterative tongue twistery feeling of ‘French Knitted Knotted Necklace’!! Say it ten times as fast as you can before trying this tutorial 😉

I love a little bit of french knitting.  It’s really relaxing as it’s so repetitive and quick so it can make a nice change from working on a larger knitted project. The problem I’ve always had is what to do with your finished coil of knitting? I’ve seen some cute flowers made with French knitting but not much else.

If you have any other french knitting ideas I’d love to hear them!

Before Christmas at a craft fair I spotted someone wearing a pretty knotted necklace made from fabric (I love a good knotted rope necklace as you can see here) and I suddenly thought, french knitting would work so well as an alternative!

You will need
– french knitting doll
– wool or yarn
– end caps
– jump rings
– chain
– pliers
– scissors

Step one: Get knitting

Using your knitting dolly knit until you have a long rope about a metre and a half long. If you haven’t french knitted before it’s very simple and you can find clear instructions here. Cast off

Step Two: Get knotting

tie knots into your knitted rope. I vasically experimented with what looked nice but I found a good start was to make one knot in the centre and the work outwards, where possible keeping it symmetrical, which also helps in hang nicely at the end.

Step Three: Add your fixings

Trim the tail of wool on either end – tie a knot first if it feels loose. You don’t want your knitting to unravel! Now use strong craft glue to stick each end into a metal end cap. I squeezed a blob of glue into the end cap and then twisted the wool into it to give it a snug fit.

Next up I added a jump ring to each end cap, then added a short length of chain on either side and finally one last jump ring and a lobster clasp!


Step Four: Wear It!!

Pair your necklace with a slouchy jumper for extra cosiness or a strong collar!

french knitted knotted necklace Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Happy Crafternoon!!

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © Crafternoon Cabaret Club 2014

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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