5 reasons to knit on trains

Knitting is trains is cool! And awesome for so many reasons.

Here are 5 of the best

Entire train yarnbombed by Olek – image from ThisIsColossal.com

1. It fills and kills time. Got a 5 hour train ahead of you? Knit your way though it! Just been delayed by half an hour? Whip out those needles and make the most of the extra time! All delay related travel-stress worries are instantly banished!

Yarnbombing by http://knitdiss.blog.com/

2. It’s surprisingly peaceful. This is especially if you’re travelling on your own. How often do we really have uninterrupted time these days to just get on with one task? An added Bonus is that knitting keeps your hands busy but if you pick the right project (simple, repetitive) then you can let your mind wander which is incredibly good for your sense of peace and wellbeing but also gives your brain time to process all of that crazy activity that normally fills your head. It’s almost meditative! On a recent train journey I’d set a task for myself to write a load of blog posts on the train – instantly suffering from writers block under the pressure!  So I gave myself a knitting break for an hour and during that time came up with 7 different blog posts to write! Win!

Knitted snails from

3. Progress! This is a biggie – having an hour or two to focus on knitting means you will make massive progress on your project. And then you’ll feel all warm and lovely from all that achieving

Don't you just hate it when your neighbour gets out the wool. 1948

4. Nice people chat to you! There has not been a single time when I’ve got my knitting out in public that someone lovely hasn’t had a little chat with me about it. And I’m not talking about getting stuck swapping life stories with someone for the next 5 hours (because you’d lose all the other benefits) but just those little chats with interested folk. They might tell you about their knitting projects, or a time they tried to learn, or mor often than not their creative mums and grandmothers who could knit, sew, make clothes – you name it they could do it! And because you’ll be knitting during this lovely chat, they’ll also let you get on with it after a little while because people just like seeing other progress at something lovely

stop - from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction training - blog post on S.T.O.P. = an informal mindfulness practice

5. Digital detox. Give yourself some time away from that phone, iPad, kindle, or whatever other devices you gave scattered about your person. I’m slightly horrified to say that while I’m writing this I’ve counted that I have 2 phones, I tablet, 1 kindle and and iPod on me and I’ve been switching between them for the last hour. Give your mind a break! Chill, relax, think, reflect. And if you can’t make yourself sit still and calm your mind on your own without feeling like you’re having a heart attack, pick up your needles and knit moss stitch for 16 rows. You’ll feel so much better

Happy Knitting!


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