Craft Clear Out Time

It’s always around this time of year that I start getting terrible guilt about my ever expanding craft supplies… and how they’re organised… or the lack thereof.  I’m a fairly messy person at the best of times (in a beautiful chaos kind way rather than door blocking hoarder… I hope), and I’m very very open about how terrible I am at any kind of packing, so as you can imagine sorting the stash and packing it all away isnt exactly my favourite thing. If it was possible to click my fingers and for it all to be done, or for me to find some kind of genie… maybe on gumtree… that could make the problem go away I would… but back in the real world I was going to have to do something.

Part of the challenge is the range of craft supplies I have – running a craft workshop business means having lots of, well everything really. I have paper, card, cutting mats, pompoms, enough pliers and scissors for 40 participants, embroidery thread, ribbon, twine, embroidery hoops, cotton thread, needles, all kinds of embellishments, beads, sequins and buttons and an absolute ton  of felt and fabric.  Plus my HQ is my home, so I can’t fill a studio from floor to ceiling as much as I’d love to! So what to do?

I’ve been using the Keter plastic draw stacks from Argos – they allow me to seperate out supplies by craft which is great, and really helpful when it comes to packing up everything for an event.


I’ve also started using plastic boxes that can slide under my bed to store the mountain of wool I’ve managed to build up!


For projects-in-progress I like to use canvas bags (an idea suggested to me by an avid-knitter friend of mine with as much of a butterfly approach to crafting as I have… needless to say she has a lot of project bags).

The area I find hardest to keep clear is my desk – its tiny, with very little room around it so as soon as I start a project the space is FULL. Either I have to finish the project before I move on to anything else (please!) Or clear it all away every time (enter more project tote bags). I’d love some ideas to make better use of tiny workspaces!

At least my Mollie Makes collection is in order!


Are you having a sort out? What tips do you have for storing supplies? I’d LOVE to hear them


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