My New Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!  It’s become a bit of a tradition for me to post my New Year’s resolutions on here to make sure I actually do them so here goes:

1. Plan my work life further in advance so I can say YES to more fun spontaneous happenings

2. Learn new skills – soap making, lino printing, stamp making, photoshop, arm knitting – this year I want to try it all!

My first ever lino printing!!

3. Hit the gym regularly – a given, but wouldn’t it be lovely if I could run 5K without feeling like I’m going to die

4. Listen to more music – discover new favourites

5. Make soup! I was given a GREAT soup recipe book for Christmas and as I’m meant to be saving money too I’m aiming for a homemade soup every week

YUM Soup with a GREAT recipe from

6. Pick up my Ukulele and relearn everything I’ve forgotten… plus a bit more on the side

7. Take more photos and use them in more creative ways

8. Read for pleasure as much as possible

Embroidery hoop Art from
Embroidery hoop Art from

9. Knit a cosy, comfortable slouchy jumper that I can live in next winter

10. Make the most of London!  I love this amazing city and there’s so much happening all the time.  This year I want to do, see, explore more!

London Eye - Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Bring It ON 2015 I’m ready for you!



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