2014 – you’ve been a blinder!

It’s almost 2015!  Before I get swept up into New Year celebratory, glorious, festive foolery I wanted to take a few moments to say THANKS 2014 – you’ve been a blinder!  


Here are some of my highlights:

1. I found a brand new venue for Crafternoon Cabaret Club at The Book Club and ran a whole bunch of lovely events at The Hospital Club

2. I won an award with Mollie Makes

3. I met Annah Legg, Sarah Brand, Lara Watson, Sinead Koehler. Lisa Comfort, Kate Burt, Katie Farrell, Rowena and Ben at AskHerFriends and many other wonderful inspiring creatives

4. I hung out with some really excellent babies (Henry, Emmy and Oliver to name a few)

5. I got engaged!! (to THIS man)

6. I travelled to Budapest and Krakow, celebrated in Brighton and lounged by the pool in Spain

7. I went to three WONDERFUL weddings with wonderful people and family

8. I lit my first ever firework (and I wasn’t that scared)

9. I ran workshops at three super events: Greenhorn Short Film Festival, Intrigue Emporium and Makers London

10.  I learnt to knit properly, crochet, cross-stitch, make every type of pompom under the sun, papercut, use my sewing machine, origami hearts and pinwheels, make felt beads (on my 2nd attempt), and make the perfect wire loop on a bead!

Here’s to 2015 – may it be just as full of surprises, adventures, successes and discoveries!



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