Christmas Crafternoon: Papercut Bauble Gift Tags

With less than a week to go I hope you’re all sufficiently full of mince pies, mulled wine and Christmas Cheer!!  Time for another Christmassy Crafternoon – just in time for that last minute present wrapping this weekend: Papercut Bauble Gift tags!

I’m really enjoying my foray into the world of papercut since my workshop at The Handmade Fair.  This is a lovely little project that you can instantly use without committing to too many hours work.

You will need:

  • Thin silver card for the bauble detail – or whatever colour you’d like to use
  • Thin white card – for the bauble base (likewise mix the colour up if you want)
  • Fingertip craft knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • String

Step One: Draw It

On your white card draw 6 circles the same size – I drew round a little ramekin I had.  Then on the back of your silver card draw 6 squares small enough to fit neatly within the circle.  Inside these squares draw your design.  remember papercut is all about negative spaces – creating a design through the shapes you will take away but cutting!  So start simple and draw the shapes that will be cut away.  Make sure you also draw in a border to be left in your design.

papercut drawing templates

Step Two: Cut It

Get cutting!  Start with the smallest shapes and work up.  Make sure you’re always cutting towards you and that you keep your fingers well clear!!  Your final cut should be to cut around the outside border.

papercut in process

Repeat this for each of your designs and then cut out your bauble circles from the white card.

DIY papercut gift tags

Step Three: Measure It

Place your square onto one of your bauble circles to measure and lightly mark each corner in pencil.  Now using your craft knife cut a diagonal line just in front of each dot – these will become slits that will help secure your papercut piece onto your bauble, avoiding any messy glue moments.

papercut gift tags

papercut baubles gift tags

Step Four: Attach it 

Flip your square design over so it’s silver side up and flip your bauble over so the pencil marks are on the back.  Now slide each corner of your silver design into the diagonal cuts you’ve made on your bauble.

papercut baubles gift tags

Step Five: Hang It

Make a small hole in the top of your bauble (I used my craft knife but you could use a hold punch or the sharp end of a compass) and thread a short length of string through the hole.  Knot the end, write your message and attach to those pressies!

papercut baubles gift tags

Like what you see?  Why not give my Monogram Gift Tags a go – as seen on

Crafternoon cabaret monogram gift tags

Happy Crafting!

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © Crafternoon Cabaret Club 2014

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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