Crafternoon How-To: The Perfect Bow

Continuing on my Handcrafted Christmas giftwrap adventure I bring to you: The Perfect Bow!

This lovely little technique from giftwrap guru Jane Means will have you making enough bows to fill a small bungalow, and I’ve included some rather awesome uses for them at the bottom.  I learnt this at The Handmade Fair back in September (and have been meaning to blog it for about 3 months now!) in Jane Means Gift Wrap Grand Make!

You will need:

  • Ribbon!  Today I’m using wired ribbon so it holds it’s shape really well
  • Wire – one short length (jewellery wire is perfect)

I’m going to run this tutorial in pictures because it’s just easier to understand that way, but add questions below if anything is unclear!

DIY gift bow

DIY gift bow

DIY gift bow

DIY gift bow

DIY gift bow

DIY gift bow

DIY gift bow


And your bow is complete!!  Now how to use it… Here’s my Top 5 glorious uses for beautiful bows

On your Christmas Tree (image from

Decorations. Fancy Christmas Tree With Cherry Balls, Bows, And Stars For Beautify Xmas Tree Ideas.

To make beautiful Garlands (Like

For some DIY Wedding Glamour (like these great ideas from bowtiesandbliss)

On yer wellies!! Don’t even pretend you don’t love these bowed-up wellies from Brabournefarm.blogspot

And of course… to top your pile of Christmas gifts! Gorgeous image below is from along with tons of other beautiful wrapping round ups!

I rarely buy wrapping paper as this is my favorite way to do packages... this site has some wonderful twists on the same idea.


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