Have yourself a very crafty Christmas!

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!  And the possibilities for a crafty, handmade Christmas are endless – just bound over to Pinterest, ring those jingle bells and before you know it you’ll be elbow deep in glittered, knitted, painted, folded, beaded, and sugared loveliness!

Bring on the mulled wine, let’s all cover our homes with ribbon and glitter and tinsel and beautifully spray painted branches. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!

This is my lovely little wooden Christmas Tree from Homebase – complete with jingle bells!

wooden christmas tree

Mollie Makes has had some really awesome tutorials to get you in the festive mood and I particularly loved their knitted christmas bauble feature from Julie and The Knits.  I followed the basic pattern and then played around with the decoration (it’s the funnest bit really isn’t it).

Here’s how I got on:

knitted christmas baubles

knitted christmas bauble decorations

knitted christmas bauble design

knitted christmas bauble garland


Are you planning any Christmas DIYs this year?  Have you come across any brilliant tutorials?  Share them below.


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