Get Your Knit On is back!!

Get Your Knit On is back!!  Get excited!

Last year I was lucky enough to work on this awesome project at Southbank Centre where we invited the public to knit squares that would then be sewn together to create beautiful blankets.  The finished blankets were given out to older residents in Lambeth as part of Age UK Lambeth’s Warm and Well campaign.  We held workshops across December and January to get people knitting – bringing together pro-knitters with people who’d never even picked up a pair of needles and we received thousands of squares.  I should know – I then spent hours sewing up the blankets that we didn’t finish in our public workshops!

Our mountain of knitting!
Our mountain of knitting!

This project is particularly close to my heart because this is where knitting really started to click with me.  It gave me an opportunity to keep knitting, share my (slowly) growing knowledge with others and learn from lots of amazing knitters who were kind enough to share their tips and fix my mistakes.

As you may have read last week, since then I’ve come on in leaps and bounds and have now even successfully knitted my own winter blanket form scratch!

finished knitted winter blanket

You can find the details on the Southbank Centre website.  The patterns will be up soon but the premise (for those of you that knit already) is simple: knit a six inch square in any stitch or colour or pattern you wish using DK yarn and 4mm needles.

If you blog about your knitting for this project I’d love to read!  Please share at the bottom of the page and I’ll update as we go!  You can also share all of your knitting exploits on instagram and twitter using #getyourkniton – look out for me in my non-Crafternoon Cabaret Club guise of @han_coxyneon knitting


Below are the details on the Southbank Centre website as well as the dates for this year’s workshops – I’ll be at lots of these so do come and say Hi too!

And if you need any more inspiration to pick up those needles why not nurture that excitement with my Knitting-obsessed Pinterest boards!

How to take part

To take part from home please knit a six inch square in any stitch or colour you like using double knitting yarn (DK) and 4mm needles. Send your squares to Louisa Pestell, Southbank Centre, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX.

Alternatively, come to our Knitting Lounge in the Foyer Spaces, Royal Festival Hall where people can meet and knit together (open daily from 6 December – 11 January).

Relaxed workshops where you can get advice and learn with others take place on
Wednesday 10 December, 3pm – 5pm
Saturday 13 December, 2pm – 4pm
Friday 19 December, 2pm -4pm
Thursday 8 January, 4pm – 6pm



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