5 Reasons to Make Your Own Gifts and Ask Her Friends round up

It’s been almost two months since I started creating handmade gift tutorials for glorious gift website AskHerFriends so I figured it was time for a round up and a little reminder of why I think hand making gifts is such a brilliant way to go!

Keep calm and DIY

5 Reasons to Make Your Own Gifts

  1. Personal is powerful.  Sure, we all love getting that present we’ve had our eye on and dropped oodles of hints about but when someone really puts the effort in to finding something absolutely made for you and only you that’s an incredible, wonderful feeling that shows just how much you know and adore them. remember – it’s the thought that counts!
  2. Originality. Make a gift yourself and the chance that someone else will have the same idea is miniscule!  Even if you chose to create a photo collage or mini photo book (which is a fantastic gift because of all the amazing memories it will resurface) and someone did have the same idea your take on that gift will still be unique to you – different photos, different stories.
  3. The person who has everything. If you have someone in your life that can never think of gifts they’d like, or normally buys the things they want rather than saving up a list for birthdays and Christmas then hand making a present will solve this problem!!  Plus they’ll be pleasantly surprised by the idea and it will probably mean much more to them than another gift you could have simply bought.
  4. One-of-a-kind is valuable. By giving a hand made gift you are also giving someone a totally unique, one of a kind possession!  That rarity makes it really special – and also means that if and when they’re asked where that gorgeous item came from, they can answer ‘my super talented friend made it just for me!’
  5. Budget. Let’s be honest – giving gifts can be really expensive! Even buying nice cards can add up to if you’re good at something make the most of it and save a few pounds by choosing DIY.  Now I’m not saying that if you don’t craft you should go out and invest in all the bits and pieces to go handmade this year, but maybe you could choose one element to consider – make your own cards this year, or use stamps and brown paper to create beautiful, quirky wrapping paper.  If you knit, crochet, love making jewellery or sew, think about making your projects gift-appropriate (see below) and that way you can spend time doing something you love while creating presents – for people – BONUS!!

So now you’re persuaded why not give these makes a go!

Crafternoon cabaret  button card tutorial  Crafternoon Cabaret DIY photo book  Crafternoon cabaret favour jar tutorial  Crafternoon cabaret monogram gift tags  Crafternoon cabaret DIY Tiki Night gift in a jar

Now giving handmade can be stressful so just remember these tips:

  • Start early – give yourself time to finish
  • Keep it personal – whether it’s style, colour, or materials it needs to be in line with what your giftee loves!
  • Customising is not cheating!  No time to make from scratch – add a little customising to an item to give it that personal touch without the hours of work!

Have a read and hopefully you’ll pick up some inspiration for adding a little handmade feel to your pressies this year – and make sure you explore the rest of their website to help you create that all important Christmas List!!

Happy Making!


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