The Way of the Pompom – Paper Honeycomb Pompoms

I’ve been collecting lots of ideas from magazines for wedding decorations and I keep seeing beautiful paper garlands and hangings.  Naturally there’ll be a bit of DIY at my wedding and one idea I’ve fallen in love with is honeycomb paper pompoms.  I had a practice at the weekend (before I possibly unleash  my friends and family on this massive make) so here’s how to make your own.  Enjoy!

You will need:

  • – Tissue Paper – LOTS – you’ll need at least 36 sheets of 20cm x 20cm to make one pompom
  • – Double sided sticky tape
  • – Scissors
  • – Needle and thread
  • – Printer paper

Now I need to apologise in advance because I got a little distracted while making my pompoms… so the photos start with a big green paper pom and then switch to smaller blue and green poms – the technique is the same I promise but I didn’t want you to think you’d messed up half way when the colours change if you give this a go!

Step One: Trim

Take your tissue paper and trim it down to the same size (folding the lot and cutting it in half if you need to).  For one pompom I’d advise squares of 20cm x 20cm and to make more pompoms you need a taller rectangle shape.  You’ll need around 36 layers, or more if you want smaller diamonds in your final design.

Prepare a piece of paper to be your pompom guide.  Split it into 6 or 8 vertical strips and mark on your paper in pencil lines.  Label the centre line B, the lines on either side A, the next lines out B and so on so that your A and B lines alternate.

Step Two: Layer Up

Place one piece of tissue paper in the centre of your paper and stick down a line of double sided sticky tape on your ‘A’ lines.  Your tape should run from top to bottom in vertical stripes.  Peel off the backing and lie another piece of tissue paper on top.  Now add your lines of double sided sticky tape again, but this time following the B lines – continue adding tissue paper and tape alternating between A lines and B lines.

If you want to make multi-coloured poms then simply change the colour of the tissue paper every three or four rounds!

From ‘A’s


To ‘B’s

Step Three: Secure

Once you’ve added all of your tissue paper  mark a large semi circle on top of your stack (make sure the straight edge of the semi circle runs parallel to the bottom of your paper) – cut this out, cutting through every layer of tissue paper.  if you want to make multiple pompoms you should draw extra semi circles above or below to make sure they pass through the vertical lines of tape.

Now take your needle and thread and sew a very loose stitch through your tissue paper in the two corners of the semi circle – you can just about see the thread in the picture below.  Make sure it’s loose because this is where your beautiful pompom will open out.  You can leave the thread long so you can use this to tie your pompom up later.

Now comes the fun bit!  Add double sided sticky tape around the edge of the semi circle, remove the backing and slowly peel your pompom open.  Stick the two sides together to secure…..


how to make paper pompoms

I do love a good pompom.

paper pompoms with crafternoon cabaret club


Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise 2012

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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