The unfinished winter blanket

Ok own up – who else out there has an unfinished knitted winter blanket stashed away in their home??  Come on!  I don’t, no I refuse to believe I am the only one.

A few months ago my knitting interest was reinvigorated with a few lovely easy projects in Mollie Makes like their cute knitted bangles which then inspired me into setting myself the challenge of knitting a blanket for winter… oh and then I decided to do the whole thing in moss stitch… because I’m a glutton for punishment.

It’s taking a really long time.  a really really long time.  I also hadn’t considered when beginning this enormous project that actually each individual square, for a newbie knitter, is quite a mammoth task… and so knitting 16 of them (at least – I think really it’s looking more like 20) is basically a full time job.  I’m now madly knitting every evening to try and get it done!

This. THIS is how I feel
This. THIS is how I feel

Now aside from my slight concern that I’ll be snuggling up in my beautiful blanket sometime in February, I’ve found taking on a larger project a brilliant way to fine-tune my technique – the repetition alone means I can now happily knit while watching box-sets or chatting with other knitters at work (I can’t even explain how difficult I used to find this and how much miscounting and unpicking it resulted in!).  It’s also really increased my understanding of how to fix knitting issues (mainly occurring when I first started trying to watch box sets while knitting).  I don’t know about anyone else but I always feel much more confident with any new craft if I can get my head around the technique visually; so for knitting, how the different stitches look and are constructed and why they create different textures – I found the same to be true for crochet – once I know what I’m aiming for and can recognise a mistake as it happens (rather than 5 lines along) then I’m much more confident in moving forward.

But knitting for a set date is really quite stressful!  You never want the project you’ve put all those hours into to be out of date and useless before it’s even completed – and what if you don’t love those colours or that design by the time you’re finished?

I had a plan to add lots of crafty detail to my Christmas gifts this year – papercut gift tags, homemade wrapping paper and maybe a few homemade gifts too.  But after this experience I‘ll be making sure I start these in November to allow for when they inevitably take 4 weeks longer than planned!

So – fingers crossed I get through this one.  i now have 3… or possibly 7 more squares to go… better not get distracted by searching for funny knitting cartoons online… oops…

Ta for making em chuckly Morgan O'Brien
Ta for making em chuckly Morgan O’Brien

Anyone else out there have big unfinished craft projects hiding away ? How to you keep youself motivated?

Is anyone planning on creating handmade gifts for Christmas this year?


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