Crafternoon How-To: Cute Cloud Cushion

I bought some really gorgeous fabric at The Handmade fair to make cushions with, but I didn’t want to make any ordinary cushions – I wanted pretty cloud cushions (because really – why not!).  Very simple to make and so much cheaper than if you bought them!  Here’s today’s how-to – I hope you like it

You Will Need:

  • 1m square fabric
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • Pins
  • Filling – I used polyester fibrefill
  • Air erasable pen

Step One: Templates

Draw your cloud templates onto paper – if you don’t have any A3 then sellotape two A4 sheets together.  Cut your template out and draw around it onto your fabric with an air erasable pen.  Make sure your draw onto the wrong side of the fabric and also flip your template over before drawing around it the second time.  This is to make sure that the two right sides of the fabric match up if your design is asymmetrical – very important!

Cloud cushion templates

Step Two: Snip and Pin

Cut out your fabric leaving a 1cm seam allowance outisde of your template outline.  Lay the two ‘right’ sides together and pin all the way around pen outline.  Your pins should lie at a right angle to the pen line.

Pinning fabric cloud cushion

Step Three: Stitch it and snip it

Jump on your sewing machine, choose a straight stitch and sew along your outline starting at the bottom.  Leave a 4 inch gap at the bottom so you can flip your cushions the right way round and stuff it!  Before your turn it around cut small triangles into your seam allowance wherever there is a curve (which may be everywhere – mine certainly was!).  be really careful not to cut into your stitching – tiny little embroidery scissors and great for this.

cloud cushion sewing machine

cutting into seam allowance for curves

Step Four: Flip it

Turn your cushions inside out so the correct sides of the fabric are on the outside.  I think it’s worth then pressing your fabric with an iron on a low heat to make sure all of the lines are smooth.  Include the open gap in this to give it a pressed seam so that when you join it later it’s nice and easy to hide the raw edges.

Step five: Stuff It

Stuff stuff stuff until your cushions is nice and plump!  Aim for solid because once you’re using the cushion your stuffing is likely to condense down.

stuffing a cushion

Step Six: Sew It

Stitch up the gap by hand using whipstitch and a thread colour that will blend in with the fabric.

Enjoy your beautiful new cloud cushion!!  I’m going to make another two to go with mine so I have a comfy cosy cloud family!!

Cloud Cushion Crafternoon Cabaret Club

Happy Crafternoon!

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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