Spotlight On: Flora Bradwell and Greenhorn Short Film Festival

Welcome to our next fantastic guest for the Spotlight On series:

Flora Bradwell – Artist, film maker, wearer of excellent jump suits and founder of Greenhorn Short Film Festival! (phew!)


Well hello there!

Tell us who you are and what do you do?

I am Flora Bradwell, a London based artist and film maker and also co-director and founder of Greenhorn Short Film Festival, an annual festival that celebrates the work of emerging film making talent. My alter-ego is Bella Lordwarf.


How did it all begin?

Gosh! In 2008 I won the David Balardie Award while I was at City & Guilds of London Art School studying Fine Art: Painting. I used the travel grant to go up to the Edinburgh Fringe and capture all the performers there in all their grimy glory. Ever since performance, façade and story-telling has inspired my work. The sequential and narrative nature of film was obviously appealing to me so by 2011 I had made a short film and co-founded a short film festival with my friend Alix Taylor. Greenhorn is about to have its fourth edition in Crouch End in November, it’s now a three day festival spanning several venues- it all got a bit out of hand really!


What’s your favourite thing you’ve created? any disasters/challenges?

I love and hate many of my pieces in equal measure. My alter-ego Bella Lordwarf has recently taken hold- she released her own music video BOZO: THE CLOWN WHO RAN AWAY last Christmas and has taken to painting self portraits. She is always a challenge; we took her to the Grimaldi Memorial Service at The Clown’s Church in Dalston earlier this year and the clowns did not take to her at all. Apparently Clowns International do not like scary clowns.



What are your top 5 inspirations? !

David Lynch for film, Angela Carter for a read, Battersea Arts Centre for a madcap adventure, The New River Path for unexpected London strolling and Francis Bacon for a visceral paint fix. Can I list another 100 please?

AND how can we find you online so we can all gaze at your fab work?

Check out Flora’s website here

And the amazing Greenhorn Short Film Festival here:

Tickets are now on sale for Greenhorn 2014 and guess what – we’ll be heading out and running a very special film themed Crafternoon Cabaret Club on November 16th!  

Book your tickets now!


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