Work in Progress: Knitted Clutch Bag

I’ve started a few larger projects recently that won’t be finished for a while so I figured I could share how I was getting on with a couple of work in progress posts.  First up my neon knitted clutch bag.  I’ve started a bit of a love affair with Wool & The Gang (you can see just how much I love them HERE) and I couldn’t resist treating myself to some of their beautiful Jersey Be Good textile wool.  I bought three colours – Fluoro Pink, Highlighter Yellow and Blue Lagoon – bright bright bright!

As I haven’t knitted with textile wool before I decided to start simple, and make a knitted clutch: basically a square that I’ll then fold over to create the pouch and flap of the clutch and sew at the sides (or possibly crochet… my recent attempts with the Mollie Makes crochet cherry have got me thinking that I might be able to use treble stitches to make a nice tapered edge… watch this space to see how that goes :s ).

I am slightly making it up as I go along.  I’ve started with stripes but I was thinking of making the flap of the bag in one colour for a bit of variation.

So let’s talk about knitting with textile wool.  In short I AM IN LOVE.  It’s an amazing process for anyone getting into knitting because it’s incredibly quick and you can see your work progress hugely within one sitting.  Working with thicker needles and the thicker wool can be fiddly to begin with but you soon adapt.  Although it does feel really strange to then go back to skinny needles and wool…

At The Handmade Fair I saw a few stands selling what they described as ‘extreme knitting needles’ – think as big and long as your arm and normally used with harder, thicker fabrics to make big chunky rugs.  Apparently with those needles every stitch creates an inch of knitting – and surely works the hell out of your bingo wings!!

knitted clutch bag textile wool

knitted clutch bag blue and green textile wool

knitted clutch bag in progress

knitted clutch bag in progress

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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