Handmade Fair Shopping Haul!

Last weekend I visited Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Fair which was full to the brim with amazing designers and suppliers for all your crafting and handmade needs!  It was impossible not to come away with a haul of shopping so I thought I should share what I bought, as well as the things I’ve bought since inspired by the workshops I took part in during the weekend.

Here it is – look, so pretty!
shopping haul from handmade fair

So we have:

Gorgeous soft and silky yarn from the Hobbycraft tent in colours; slate, turquoise and coral

Beautiful stork scissors (hooray – finally! EVERY crafter needs a pair and this is why) from Golden Hinde

Wooden buttons and little pencil buttons (I actually can’t remember where I picked these up from.  I feel like I’d gone a little delirious by this stage and was just running towards everything that caught my eye -buttons and wool in particular!)

Spotty scissors from Print Stitch Bake

Metallic sewing machine thread in gold and bronze from Golden Hinde

Mixed glass beads from Kenjo Jewellery 

Bronze leather (just an offcut which i’m going to make jewellery with) from Golden Hinde (I really loved that stall!)

Fabric from Beadtime in a gorgeous blue and white ornate design – I’m thinking cloud shaped cushions!

You can also see my Papercut card, my green and yellow pompoms (don’t worry – I gave some pre-made poms to the #worldpomination cause too!) and my golden bow from the Giftwrapped grand make.

After the fair it continued (oops…) and I’ve just bought a fingertip craft knife (fiskars because I couldn’t find the dovecraft one I used at the fair) and a cutting board.  I also definitely want to buy some things to do more lino printing but until I’ve all of this lot I just didn’t think I could justify it!!

What were your favourite Handmade Fair purchases?



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