#WorldPomination and Giftwrapped – Grand Makes at The Handmade Fair

Kirstie Allsopp really pushed the aim of the Handmade Fair as being about bringing craft into the light – creating opportunities for people to meet, make and learn skills together: one big party for like-minded creatives.  I completely agree with her ethos and how important it is for people to come and make together.  It’s really awful how many people are actually a little embarrassed about their crafting – or even worse – feel like they can’t have a go at these skills because they’re not ‘professionals’.  Crafts are for everyone and the world of craft is vast and amazing – from knitting to paper craft to embroidery to textiles, stamping, lino prints, fashion, upcycling, paint, food, jewellery, decorations, the list really is endless and the scale of your work is pretty much limitless too!

And so to support this glorious ethos there were three Grand Makes for attendees to take part in as part of their day – chances to join up to 200 other people to learn and quick and easy skill that you could take away and use in every way you could imagine.  The three skills on offer: ribbon bows with Giftwrap Guru Jane Means, pompoms, or should I say HASH TAG WORLD POMINATION with Rosy Nicholas and Origami Flowers (they added this one later which was gutting because I would have loved to learn this skill – I’ll just have to turn to youtube instead!).

Jane Means is a pretty impressive being – she’s made an entire career out of beautiful gift wrapping and I have oodles of respect for anyone that can create that level of success within an area they are so obviously passionate about.  She took us through the basics of creating a beautiful bow from wired ribbon – pretty easy stuff but also something that I never sit down and think about.  What I really enjoyed was seeing some of the beautiful and totally over the top wraps she’s done – it definitely makes you think twice about using slightly scrappy wrapping paper from primark… (shame).  I have a plan to make my own wrapping paper and gift tags this christmas with stamps, brown paper and ribbon so I think I’ll be keeping an eye on Jane’s ideas on pinterest too!

Next up – Rosy Nicholas and #worldpomination.  The main thing to say is that Rosy is absolutely hilarious and wears awesome dresses and flower crowns.  She also makes the most fantastically eccentric and beautiful shoes – think pompoms, glitz, sequins, jewels, colour, colour, colour.  Making pompoms as a mid-fair quick craft was lush addition to my day and a great way to be part of the main aim of the pom-fest – adding ever more creations to the world record breaking #worldpomination longest line of pompoms EVER.  POM-BLOODY-TASTIC.

Here are my grand make highlights!


Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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