Paper Cuts with Poppy Chancellor at The Handmade Fair

I was so excited to take part in this workshop as I’ve been gazing at Poppy’s beautiful creations online for a while.  This was the first workshop I took part in across the whole weekend (at 10am on the friday – so keen!!).  I’ve never done paper cutting or even much in the way of paper craft but with wedding invitations time looming I was really hoping I was about to discover a new craft to love.

The workshop was brilliant – Poppy led us through the basics with practice sheets (circles being particularly tricky) but she had lots of tips and advice and actually the technique clicked with me really quickly.  We then moved onto a beautiful tree design and started cutting.  Apart from a little panic moment when Poppy announced we had 15 minutes left (oh god oh god oh god panic oh god don’t mess up oh god oh god) it was just so relaxing!  I absolutely loved it and I can’t wait to have a go with my own designs!

You can find out more about Poppy through her website

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog



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