A bit of Amigurumi Adoration

What the hell is amigurumi?  That’s what was flashing through my head the million times I’d see it hash tagged on instagram.  Is it a new type of sushi?  it definitely sounds japanese… It’s actually the name for crocheted stuffed toys (but it begin in Japan – double points for me!) and is all about making super cute, actually make that tooth-achingly cute, stuffed animals and objects!  It’s certainly a great way to get into crochet as you can work on multiple small projects that can be really quick to finish but also require you to become comfortable with a whole host of crochet terms and stitches.

My moment of inspiration came when I saw an amigurumi heart in instagram created by Carmen of Crafty Queens.  I commented on how cute it was (see – I told you it was all about cuteness!) and a day or two later a lovely email dropped into my inbox from Carmen!!  She’d gone and found me a UK pattern for a heart so I could have a go myself – what a sweetheart.  This is one of my favourite things about meetings other crafters – all the ideas sharing and crafting tips – there’s so so much support out there and people just waiting to help you learn new skills!

Here’s the link to the fab pattern Carmen sent over – this one is actually from AmiAmore which has an amazing range of tutorials but Carmen also created her own original tutorials which I’ll be checking out once I’ve practised a bit more.

So… wait for it…. here is… drum roll… my first ever attempt at Amigurumi!!

amigurumi heart creativise

NOW with my bride hat (fascinator…floral crown…whatevs) on I’m already thinking about the decoration potential of these little beauties – garlands, place cards, table centre pieces… so many ideas sparked by one new technique!  Now that’s craft joy!

amigurumi heart creativise
and now with textile wool!

One thought on “A bit of Amigurumi Adoration

  1. I love it! Well done! Amigurumi is such a fun hobby and very addicting! With enough persistance, you can create just any animal or character you can think of! I’m so glad you enjoyed my pattern! Thanks for the linkback!

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