Spotlight On: A new blog series

In the last few months I’ve been lucky enough to meet and make contact with a shiny new array of inspiring creatives that are out in the world doing their beautiful thing and making a success of it.  Being able to talk about their work and my work and all the challenges we’ve faced (there are so many universal challenges in the creative, craft, starting a business world that these conversations could fill an entire blog on their own!) as well as their breakthrough moments and inspirations has been really exciting and invigorating.

Networking is a rather shudder-inducing word but connecting with others can keep your ideas and thinking fresh, help you discover new opportunities and even give you a push to have a stab at something new.  Ideally I’d get all of us into a cafe for the day… a cafe with a bar… and really good cake… and pretty quirky things all around so we can all instagram the hell out of it.  Then we could have a natter and find out all the awesome things everyone is up to; fill our diaries with new workshops and events and spend all of our earnings on beautiful handmade products… and let’s not forget the blogging and twittering that would follow PLUS the happy hooting and hollering into the big wide world about all the wonderful new things we’ve discovered, new craft penpals we’ve made and that really awesome jammy dodger/bird/raincloud/bicycle necklace/badge/bunting/tshirt we just bought.

Sounds great right?  Now the lovely thing is these super cool events do exist and they are glorious and fun and a great way to meet other creatives in a really relaxed environment.  Last night in fact I was at a Crafty Fox Talk (with free tickets as part of my Handmade Awards Prize – thanks Sinead and Mollie Makes!!) and aside from hearing from 3 incredible speakers (I will be writing a blog post on the event so I won’t give too much away here – oooh mysterious…) I met some really lovely people, discovered some brilliant products and put real life faces to instagram and twitter accounts I’ve been following for over a year!

However we all know that as job jugglers, freelancers, hobbyists, makers, creators – whatever way you see yourself, there are never enough hours in the day, so finding time to regularly meet other folk in person at lovely events can be a challenge (although if you’re even feeling slightly hesitant I would still say make the time and do it – chatting in person beats tweeting any day!).

So with all of this in mind I’m going to start a new blog series on here all about brilliant people and practices called ‘Spotlight On…’.  You’ll be able to search the tag ‘spotlight On’ or find all related content under the ‘people’ category so do drop by whenever you’re in need of an inspirational boost!

Is there anyone you’d like to see featured?  Any blogs you think are brilliant, masters of makery, designers to die for or all-round super inspiring dreamboats? Add your suggestions in the comments below!







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