Paper Jewellery: Earrings

I’ve been making paper beads – If you’re anything like me with picking up magazines all over the place this is a great way to use all those beautiful design spreads and turn them into something you can continue to enjoy!

To learn how to make your own check out my tutorial here.  I made the beads below by cutting long triangles the width of an A4 page and rolled them around a toothpick, gluing as I went.  They take some time to dry so it’s worth keeping them on the toothpicks for this part.  The lovely curved shape of the bead come from the tapered end of the triangle layering up as you roll.  You can create straight beads by cutting rectangles from your paper instead and you can even create beautiful cone beads by cutting a right angled triangle.  The fantastic Big Bead Little Bead blog has some amazing tutorials to take you through making each of these.

The earrings were created by adding a head pin to each bead and using round nose pliers to create a loop on the end.  I attached them all together with jump rings and staggered them very slightly to create the different levels.  I hope you like them!

paper bead earrings - creativise

paper bead earrings creativise

Photography by Hannah Cox.  Covered under copyright © creativise

Please don’t use without asking and always link back to my blog


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