The Way of the PomPom – Spots and Stripes

Welcome to the way… the way of the pompom..
Pompoms, for me, are one of the silliest and therefore most joyous craft creations. Forget the mighty tassel which dangles from many a regal velvet curtain and serious academic’s hat, the pompom is a fun injecting beast of frivolity and fierceness.  I LOVE pompoms (find the proof here, here and here) and the tricks and twists you can transform them with so I’m planning a series of blog posts to explore the possibilities – designs and uses, that the way of the pompom can bring.
First Up: Spots and Stripes
Patterned poms are incredibly easy to make and once you start it becomes ever easier to break down the technique and add your own designs.  There are various different methods to create your pompoms but all wool based pompoms basically involve wrapping the yarn around a base or template.  You can cut full circle templates, templates shaped like a C or you can wrap your wool around a fork or even your fingers.  When wrapping the more layers you add the thicker and fluffier your final pom will be – simple!  For these poms I wrapped layer upon layer around three fingers (brownie promise style) and then tied a single piece of wool around the middle to create the centre of the pompom.  Below I’ve included the images of how the wrapped up pompoms and final pompoms looked with a quick explanation of how to create each type;
pompoms Crafternoon Cabaret Club
Working clockwise from the top left we have:
1. Half and Half
2. Mash Up
3. Stripe It
4. Speckled
pompoms Crafternoon Cabaret Club
Just to clarify the striped pompom looked like this when wrapped around my hand…
pompom making Crafternoon Cabaret Club
And after snipping and a bit of a haircut they become…
pompom making Crafternoon Cabaret Club
My plan for these poms is to create a hanging garland or wall decoration for the bedroom.  Blog post on the way to share the finished product!
Happy crafternoon – go forth and pompom!

3 thoughts on “The Way of the PomPom – Spots and Stripes

  1. I love making pom poms and usually use a fork (which raises a few eyebrows when I make them on the train). Fork pom poms are all a bit small though, so will try your method!

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