You know you have a serious craft addiction if….

You know you have a serious craft addiction if…


  • You own at least 1 pair of knitting needles in every size, the same for crochet hooks, PLUS a quirkily-designed french knitting doll
  • Somewhere in your house is that guilty stash of super cheap acrylic wool that looked so rainbow and tempting… but is only really fit for pompoms…
  • You have to do regular checks of your floors to pick up the hundreds of loose pins scattered across your home
  • You don’t even notice any more than there are sequins permanently entrenched in your hair, toes or skin
  • Your family and friends save up fabric, beads, old jewellery, jam jars, sweet wrappers, string and wrapping paper for you and you receive every donation with a greedy eye-glinting glee!
  • Rather than throwing away clothes you keep any with exciting patterns, fabrics or adornments in a whole other separate store (for store read additional pile in your bedroom) to one day cut into fodder for your craft projects
  • You hate throwing away anything that could be deemed ‘useful’ for a project later down the line.  You are just 2 cereal boxes away from being a fully fledged hoarder and approached by channel 4 for a documentary

  • When shopping you instantly feel entitled to claim you could make any object, item or accessory… and then justify your purchase by stating that your craft to-do list is already overflowing
  • You have a craft to-do list.  It is overflowing
  • You have an intensely passionate relationship with your hot glue gun and you wish, more than anything, that it was one of those hot glue guns that’s covered in sparkling rhinestones and therefore making every other hot glue gun in the world look like a right mug..
  • On that note you really want to own a pair of those beautiful gold bird-shaped scissors and you hope that by posting about them on your blog someone will actually buy them for you as gift using the handy link you’ve included here

  • Your guilty pleasure is staying home on a friday night to do embroidery… with a bottle of wine…
  • You have ruined some perfectly wearable items of clothing by adding embellishments, patches, trim or splattered paint… everything looked terrible but you know you’d do it all again…
  • You are subscribed to at least four crafting magazines… and follow 20-200 craft blogs obsessively
  • You worship the gods and goddesses that are Martha Stewart, Erica Domesek, John Bloodworth and Erica Chan Coffman
  • You take fancy dress seriously.  Last time you went to a party/festival you made your friends theme their outfits and make them from scratch round your house as a ‘fun’ evening.
  • You love notebooks, mood boards and Pinterest
  • The Great British Sewing Bee took over your life more than Breaking Bad or Games of Thrones
Soz Walt
  • Your Amazon recommendations page is just one long list of craft books
  • You dream of one day having an entire room you can turn into your craft studio OR you’re so clever that you ALREADY HAVE THIS – you veteran craft addict you – we all bow down to your room claiming talents!
  • You could thread a needle with your EYES CLOSED
  • When entering a craft store you pretty much black out and only wake up as they’re untangling you from the ribbon section
  • You want to share your craft love!  So much!  You blog, you tweet in weekly #crafthours, you instagram every creation, you’ve joined or you run craft groups to meet other like-minded addicts or you even, god forbid, run a monthly event, call it something super catchy and alliterative and then use it as an even better excuse to buy ALL OF YOUR CRAFT MATERIALS IN BULK, MEET ALL THE OTHER KEENO CRAFTERS ON THE WORLD AND MAKE ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!

Hi, my name’s Hannah and I am an addict…


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