We Are One! Birthday Time for Crafternoon Cabaret Club!

Back in December I celebrated my one year anniversary for my blog and now I have another birthday on the horizon!!  Lucky me!

I can barely believe it but this month is Crafternoon Cabaret Club’s FIRST BIRTHDAY! It’s been such an amazing year and I can’t believe how much has happened.  One year ago I held my first ever event in The Library Pub in Islington where a small but perfectly formed group crafted amongst Tiffany style lamps with delicious cocktails made by the lovely Giulio, and watched star studded cabaret with the fabulous Peter Straker belting out glorious hit after hit after hit.

Now one year later how our merry band of crafters has grown!  We regularly sell out our new larger venue: the super glamorous cavern of creativity The Hospital Club, and even the cocktails are bigger and better with table service and plenty of bubbles flowing through the afternoon!  We’ve featured some superb cabaret acts across the last year who between them have received a plethora of cabaret and comedy awards and I’ve met so many incredibly lovely people!

I have some massive thank-you’s and shout outs to do as I honestly couldn’t have grown Crafternoon Cabaret Club in the way it has without the overwhelming level of support I’ve received so here goes.  You are all amazing and wonderful so thank you from the bottom of my crafting heart!

For taking a chance on me and being my first ever venue THANK YOU to Giulio at The Library Pub

For being my amazing technician and continual mountain of calm THANK YOU to Kev!

For being an amazing perfomer again and again and again THANK YOU to Mollie and Mary Beth Morossa!

For giving me my first ever review and being really positive and supportive THANK YOU to Sara Cluderay and This Is Cabaret

For helping me with all of your amazing PR Guru Tips THANK YOU to Izzy

For featuring Crafternoon Cabaret Club not once, not twice but THREE TIMES!!  THANK YOU to Molly McGuigan at Emerald Street

For coming back and back again, each time with a new pal and always being totally superb THANK YOU to Rosie, Chloe, Kate, Justine, Erin and Jules!

For being an awesome group of regular attendees and making some truly incredible craft THANK YOU to Susan, Danielle and Cathy

For bringing serious glamour as a performer and crafter THANK YOU to Katie – you gorgeous woman!

For designing my super gorgeous logo THANK YOU to Flora

For the donations of everything from sweet wrappers and tweed to buttons and beads galore THANK YOU to Julia, Carol, Emma and The Murphy’s (double capitalisation for all that extra chocolate eating you took on!)

For blogging about Crafternoon Cabaret Club THANK YOU to Poppy Loves, Bloody Hell Brennan, Davina at The Making Home, Momtaz at Cos I Like Making Stuff and Gema at Sequins and Slippers

To all my friends and family and every other person who has read my blog, listened to me talk craft incessantly, been bemused by the amount of parcels I have delivered to my work, been amazing audience members, tried sewing even though it wasn’t their thing, hugged me and/or bought me wine when it all seemed a bit stressful and constantly helped me to spread the word – you are amazing!  I am really lucky to have you all!!

And finally one of my biggest thank you’s goes to someone who across the last year has taken part in more conversations, activites, and photoshoots focused around craft than he probably thought he’d ever be exposed to in his lifetime… not even including the sheer amount of buttons and sequins he’s had to put up with being sprinkled all across his home THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my amazing boyfriend Martin!!

On Saturday April 26th it’s Crafternoon Cabaret Club’s First Birthday!  It’s going to be big, huge even, full of surprises, larger than life cabaret stars, so much making, competitions, prizes and more excuse for bubbly than you can shake a stick at!!  I’ve even hand embroidered the event image so you know it must be good!

Come and join the fun and help make this a Crafternoon Cabaret Club to remember!!

Book your tickets here

Happy Crafting!

Hannah xx


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